Acheta Domesticus

How the heck are ya?

I am so sorry for being gone for so long. I am in graduate school getting my master’s and working full-time 5 days a week AND getting to move to California (yowzas!). But I am taking a little break to write about something I find of upmost importance.


Yes, those little buggers are important in many ways. Although I don’t like them flying about my house and WILL summon my cats to attack when I see a big one, they are sustainable and nutritious food choice not only for animals but for people. Yes, people.

Although we here in the US of A do not consume much Buggage, people throughout the world are elsewhere and are getting plenty of benefits.

“Protein is a big part of their value nutritionally, but they also tend to be calorie- and lipid-rich and they are generally good sources of vitamins and minerals,” says May Berenbaum, the head of the Department of Entomology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. “There are ecological and economic benefits, too. [In general] some insects can be raised on foods that aren’t consumed by humans and rearing insects tends to produce far fewer greenhouse gas emissions.”

Read more: Crickets | What’s In a Bug? Lots of Healthy Nutrients |

Sounds horrific, but I’m game. Heck, let’s get people to eat more insects, it is better for us AND better for the environment. Time to put my big girl pants on and give it a whirl.

Allen and I ordered some protein bars from this kickstarted company EXO. I tried one yesterday…. the cacao kind…



(Nicky trying to get a nibble of my exo. I am onto your ways….)

IT WAS ACTUALLY REALLY GOOD!!!! It kept me full for several hours as a snack, too.

They are pretty dang nab expensive, but I think it is worth it. And heck, if they can get this mainstreamed with some other companies involved, hopefully it will bring the costs down. Either way, it is worth it I feel.

What are your thoughts? Has anybody eaten bugs before? I wanna know!



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